3 Ways – How To Get Rid of (Unwanted) Subcutaneous Fat?

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Are you on a resolution to get rid of unwanted /  subcutaneous fat? Then you should know the two different types of fat you are dealing with. Let me help you with a better understanding in simple terms.

Subcutaneous Fat

This is the fat stored right under the skin. You can feel it.

Visceral Fat

This fat is around your organs. It means it is quite deeper when compared to subcutaneous fat.

While visceral fat also needs to reduce overall weight loss, it can be accomplished as you work on getting rid of subcutaneous fat. Isn’t easier to get rid of something you can see instead of something you can’t see or feel?

Now that we have established this fact, let us look at the three ways to get rid of subcutaneous fat.

Get the right food

“Oh! Not this one again!” could have been your thought. This one way is probably present in every fitness article that you would have read. But why is it so important? It is very simple. Food is the source of all nutrition and also all the fat. It is evident that fatty food is the culprit behind all the unwanted fat in your body.

Look I get it, junk food is very tasty. It is loaded with all the mouth-watering savories that we cannot say no to. But this is the first thing you should be doing if you ever want to get rid of subcutaneous fat. The loaded sugar, calories and many other parts of junk food add to your overall weight.

So the only way to get rid of fat is by eating healthy food. This includes vegetables, low-fat milk, fruits, nuts, low-calorie meat, etc.  Avoid processed and stored food as much as possible. Eat fresh and get on the road to get rid of subcutaneous fat.

Sweat it out

The next way is to sweat it out in the gym or at home. Why do I say at home? There are many exercises that you can at home and it will get you great results.

Cardio exercise such as running, skipping, pushups and pull-ups are great for getting rid of subcutaneous fat. Though you follow a great diet, it will be futile if you do not work out to sweat it out. There are many fitness exercise practices that you can follow. One such guide is called Thinspiration from Pro-Ana.

It is a great source and it has helped many on their journey to weight loss.

Sleep Well

Stress has become normal in the lives of teens to adults to elderly people in the 21st century. The best way to get rid of stress is to get enough hours of sleep. An adult typically requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

If you add a stress-free, energetic lifestyle to healthy diet and workout, you will be seeing results beyond your imagination.

Remember these three simple ways. Also, consider Ana’s eBook which has step by step instructions on how to get rid of subcutaneous fat.

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