5 Good & Bad Effects of Crash Dieting

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Crash dieting is a way to lose weight in a very short period of time. A lot of people believe it helps while a significant lot believe it is bad for your health. There are some methods of crash dieting that are insane such as taking pills. I strongly recommend that you never go through those sorts of harmful ways.

A typical crash diet would be to reduce the number of calories to as low as 300 to 400. Do that math and consume the required amount. It works when you need an immediate weight loss for an upcoming event.

By the way, you can endorse books such as Pro Ana’s Thinspiration. It has some really good crash diets that can work for you without harming yourself.

Now that I have established this point, let us look at the 5 Good effects & 5 Bad effects of crash dieting. Let us start with the Good. We want to stay positive.

5 Good Effects of Crash Dieting

You will lose weight very fast. It is just a repeat of what we have written till but I want to emphasize the weight loss. You can get rid of 5 to 20 pounds in a couple of weeks. That’s a drastic loss of weight.

Unlike many other methods on the planet, this method of losing weight is inexpensive. You do not have to spend a lot of money like you would do on a fitness program.

These diets generally last for a period of one week to two weeks. So you would not have to prolong it or continue it like other dietary methods available.

Calorie burning is very faster as you are letting body use the calories stored in your body. This way if you are obese or too fat, it can help you lose weight easily.

If there are any health complications and if you are required to lose weight due to health reasons then you can follow this diet. Sometimes your doctors or surgeons may recommend it as well.

5 Bad Effects of Crash Dieting

Crash Dieting may very well affect the health of your heart. Now, this is not going to hurt your heart if you do it once. It is the repeated uses of it that will be bad for your cardiac health.

It may lead to the deadly mental disorder of anorexia, if left uncontrolled. That’s the last thing you would want.

You are susceptible to high levels of weight gain after a crash diet. Due to all the starvation, you will feel like a caged animal. Once you are out of the cage, you will certainly go wild on eating spree.

You may lose muscle instead of fat. Muscle is very important whereas fat is not so important.

Gallstone size may increase depending on the amount of time you spend on a crash diet and also the number of times.

These are the 5 good and 5 bad effects of crash dieting. You should be very careful with the same. I suggest you try Thinspo eBook. It has helped many.

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