Anorexia Nervosa Treatment at Home

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We are talking about a deadly disorder “Anorexia Nervosa“. This eating disorder has affected millions around the world. Due to the increased pressure of losing weight or the fear of gaining weight, people like teenagers have had a terrible impact because of this mental health crisis.

It is not just teenagers but a lot of adults also go through this health condition. If you are someone who is going through Anorexia then I am here to help you with some tips and treatment. Let us look at how to get Anorexia Nervosa treatment at home.

A word of caution before we start:  This Anorexia Nervosa treatment at home should always be considered along with professional consultation. If you have not yet set up an appointment with a mental health specialist then you should do it immediately.

So here is what you can do at home with this disorder:


One of the biggest reasons behind this disease is mental stress. Yoga is one of the best ways to get rid of it. Getting yoga lessons online or learning yoga poses that deal with stress is one way to go about it. You may also consider joining a professional yoga class which will improve your health drastically.

Another reason for the importance of yoga is the meditation. Meditation is very important for keeping your body and mind in control. There are many types of meditation when it comes to yoga. You should check them out.

Consuming certain foods

Anorexic people can consume foods such as garlic, ginger, orange, lemon, and mint. Why do you need to eat this? These foods are known for their digestive properties. They will create the need for you to get enough calories inside. Small changes in the food you consume can make a huge difference


Like mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for this disorder is stress. A good massage will help you get good sleep and help you be stress-free. The moment stress is out, you can eat food normally. You do not need a masseuse every single time. It could your parents, spouse or even children. A couple of massages and they will know exactly what to do.

Self-Motivation and Appreciation

Some of the greatest achievers on this planet knew how to motivate themselves. It also comes along with the appreciation for one’s self. Almost all the time, you end up being anorexic when there is too much negativity surrounding you about your weight. This negativity can be from within you or through other people.

When you motivate yourself and appreciate your body and physique, you will realize that you are happier and you will no longer need to stay without eating food.

These are some of the ways for anorexia nervosa treatment at home. You may also consider Pro Ana’s Thinspiration which has a dedicated module for people suffering from Anorexia. Pro Ana’s eBook has detailed steps on what you can do for Anorexia at home. Please do consider all these suggestions and stay healthy.

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