Best 5 Natural Appetite Suppressants That Really Work

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Food is one love, the kind of love that we all keep chasing endlessly as long as the weighing machine is not an issue. In case you are one of those die-hard food lovers who dream about eating constantly and at the same time fantasize to be in good shape, it becomes really hard to settle the ongoing dispute. This is synonymous with a tug of war between the stomach and your recently made vow to start gyming in order to lose weight. How to bring reconciliation between these two? Well, one of them has to compromise. For the beneficiary’s sake, appetite can be made to fall weak so as to refrain him/her from overeating. So lets talk more about natural appetite suppressants:

So, to suppress one’s diet and to kill those enticing food thoughts is the main concern. Going against nature is always accompanied with some unwelcome side effects. So, why don’t we just stay in harmony with nature by seeking its help? Natural appetite suppressants help in tackling with the beasts of hunger which are otherwise hard to control and trap you to make you fall for food every time it shows up.

Let’s check out some of the most effective and natural appetite suppressants that can help you to lose weight by simply lowering the food intake.

Top 5 Natural Appetite Suppressants

  1. Green Tea Extract

 Natural Appetite Suppressants - Green Tea Extract

Green tea is one of the most popular and healthiest drinks in the entire world which is also known to be the best appetite suppressant. Appetite is managed by the production of CCK hormone. Without getting into the details of what this hormone is all about, we will try to have a basic idea of how it works.

The CCK hormone informs the brain if the body requires in the body is satisfactorily fulfilled or not. With the increased release of CCK, our mind gets an idea that the body doesn’t need more input. Green tea extracts stimulate the CCK formation and thus helps in reducing appetite.

However, its intake must be in accordance with the metabolic requirements. As in some cases, it may lead to the symptoms of infection in urinary tract and constipation.

As a bonus, it helps in fat burning as well which catalyzes the intended benefits. 

  1. Foods High in Fiber

Natural Appetite Suppressants - Foods High in Fiber

Recent studies have shown that one can attain the feeling of fullness by taking more and more fiber-rich foods. Thus, foods that are high in fiber are quite effective in helping you lose weight. It also aids in compensating the nutritional loss one encounters with the depreciation in a number of foodstuffs in the whole process. Appetite suppression occurs with a different mechanism when it comes to fiber. As fibers are not rapidly digested, this ultimately slews appetite.

There is an inverse relationship between the amount of fiber intake and the extent of hunger. Therefore, it is recommended to have more of it including beans, fruits, and fresh veggies. According to a civil research, it is found that lack of fibers in the diet is verily accountable for gastrointestinal disorders and obesity which is the main rival here.

  1. Saffron Extract

Natural Appetite Suppressants - Saffron Extract

Unfortunately, fiber-rich foods only provide a temporary solution to help you achieve satiety. It becomes necessary to look for other firm measures with the long-term effects and the saffron extract is just one of these. Dietary habits like unbalanced intake of snacks symbolize an uncontrolled appetite. In order to get rid of these behaviors of emotional eating, saffron extract turns out to be of great help. It raises the serotonin levels and to feel better the recipient doesn’t feel the need of food. This is how it discourages the practice of emotional eating among people. Advantages of saffron extract are backed by a lot of scientific evidence. The study clearly revealed that a lot many people benefited from the weight loss properties saffron extract.

  1. Grapefruit essential oil

Natural Appetite Suppressants - Grapefruit essential oil

 Grapefruit essential oil is one of the most recommended essential oils for weight loss. It dissolves fat through the process called lipolysis. Apart from improving the metabolism, it also helps to settle so many digestive disorders. Grapefruit essential oil can elevate your mood and its scent can make you feel full for longer time. It helps in reducing the hunger pangs and consequently lose weight. The conclusions are drawn from the basic research done at elite universities. Apart from mere sniffing, this can be taken as an emulsion in a glass of water by adding 1-2 drops of oil.

  1. Spicy Foods-

 Natural Appetite Suppressants - Spicy Foods

Among a wide variety of Indian spices on board, black pepper, curry, turmeric, ginger, dandelion, cinnamon etc are only a few to name.

These natural spices make an integral part of flavor adding ingredients in many of the cuisines. But there is more to them than just adding flavor and exaggerating the aroma of food. Not only do they assist in fat burning but also your want for foods especially sweets. Secondly, there is no risk of including these in our diet as there are no negative impacts associated with their consumption.

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If your heart in that overweight frame skips a beat at the sight of exquisite foods, taking natural appetite suppressants seems like a great idea so far. While you are on a mission of losing weight, if the demons of obsession towards food remain unchecked, regular work out will certainly go in vain. Moreover, this option is pretty safe rather than taking pills which turn out to be unhealthy for our body in the later stage. Natural appetite suppressants may not give instant results but you know, at the end of the day slow and steady wins the race.

Final Words About Above 5 Natural Appetite Suppressants:

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