How To Get Skinny Arms, Legs & Thighs?

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7 Methods to get thin / skinny arms and legs

Slender, thin & skinny arms, legs and thighs with fit plump butts are the current trend. Though the requirements for the ideal body type change by the generation, the need to be thin and fit has never changed. It has been around for many ages now.

So, we know what we need. But how can we get it? What are some ways to get thin legs and skinny arms?

Workouts that target your Arms and Legs

Kicks and Punches

Have you ever tried kicks and punches? Or have you seen the arms and legs (thighs) of people who go through martial art training?

You will be surprised if you did. They have very strong arms and legs but they are also fat-free with muscle. If you want to get thin hands and legs you should definitely try being part of any martial arts. In general, most martial art styles involve exercise routines that concentrate on the strength of your limbs. This way you are learning self-defense and also getting skinny arms, thighs & legs over time.


Going on a bicycle ride is the best workout you can ask for. It not only burns fat off your legs and thighs but it also helps with stress relief. You may choose to do the same in a gym or on cycling equipment in your house but a ride through the streets or the highway is great. You should try it sometime. You will not quit after that.


Running, like cycling definitely helps. It is very exciting. It is a stress buster. It works your arms and legs. It also helps reduce overall body weight. A 3-5 mile run in a day will create miracles in your body.

Dance Workout

Wouldn’t you want losing weight and to get recognition at the same time? I certainly would. That is where dance workout comes into the picture. Any form of fast-paced dance that you consider will have high-intensity movements. It requires a lot of stretching, jumping and many other physical activities. This will obviously affect your arms and legs.

Weight training

This is one of the many ways where you can develop muscle and also lose fat. It increases your strength and stamina as you lift weights. You have weight training for both legs and arms. However, this will require a fitness trainer who can guide you on what exactly is needed for your body. You should consider that if you choose weight training as the way to get skinny arms and legs.


Yoga is the ancient way which still continues to help millions around the world stay fit and healthy. You should this form of exercise if you are looking to learn meditation and get skinny arms and legs at the same time.

Pro Ana’s Thinspiration

An amazing book which contains credible information about the many ways we have discussed till now. You should not forget Pro Ana’s Thinspiration which contains specific modules that help you getting thin arms and legs.

Here are all the ways you can get thin arms and legs. So, what are you waiting for? Check Thinspo Recipes right now.

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